About Catbat Shop

Where are the capes made?

We keep things local. Our capes are made in Brooklyn, New York. We source the high-quality, deadstock fabric used to make each cape from one of the last family-owned wholesalers in Manhattan.

What's the story behind Catbat Shop?

Catbat Shop was started by Kat Shuford. She began with the question: what would an everyday cape look like? It would be need to subtle, blending effortlessly with other staples in a wardrobe, while holding onto the mystery and aura that comes from being shrouded in fabric. Not wanting to leave anyone out of the magical feeling of wearing a cape, she set about creating an inclusive design as possible. Catbat Shop was officially launched as an online shop in 2016.


How do I place an order?

Orders can be placed through our website 24/7. You can also find our capes on: Tempeste

What payment methods do you accept?

All prices are stated in USD.  We are happy to accept payments via PayPal and credit cards purchases via Stripe.

What about sales tax?

Sales Tax is figured into the price of the capes.

How do I use a promotion code?

After reviewing the items in your cart, click the ‘checkout’ button.  You will see a section on the following page where you can enter your promo code and update the total.

Do you do gift receipts?

We don’t do gift receipts, but the price of the product isn’t included in the order’s packing slip.

What's your return/exchange policy?

See our Shipping & Returns page for more details.


How do I take care of my cape?

For wool-blend capes, we recommend dry clean only.